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Wood Burning Stoves

New stove installation in the final checking stage

We recommend a survey of your chimney and fireplace before you buy a stove so you have an accurate idea on all individual costs and what is involved in the fitting process.

There has been a huge interest in wood burning and multifuel stoves partly due to the rising fuel costs of gas and electricity. The stoves are great heating appliances with superb efficiency (some around 80% efficient) comparable with the latest gas condensing boilers.

As a HETAS registered stove installer you will receive a certificate to confirm your stove has been installed to the building regulations therefore avoiding a visit from a building inspector. Any solid fuel heating appliance falls under part J building regs.

"There's nothing quite like a wood buring stove for cooking. Thank you."
Mr Bently, Hertford

Tips to get the most from your wood burning stove

  • Burn seasoned hardwood only on your stove, never burn wood that has varnish, paint or preservative on it.
  • Light the stove using kindling. To generate heat the air vents should be fully open.
  • Add a couple of larger logs when the kindling is well alight, once all the logs are alight the air vents can be closed down but not shut.
  • Avoid a slumbering fire, you should be able to see flames in your stove. A slumbering fire causes a large build up of tar within the flue which will eventually lead to a chimney fire, it can also cause carbon monoxide to leak from your stove.
  • Do not overfill your stove with logs, a couple of logs at a time should be sufficient.
  • Get your chimney swept regularly every three months when in use. This is a general guide and your Arrow Chimneys sweep will discuss this with you when you book your sweeping appointment.
  • Get rid of your wood ash onto your compost heap. It is very good for the soil (but never use coal ashes).
  • On icy paths sprinkle wood ash.
  • Slugs and snails do not like wood ash. Sprinkle liberally around your prize plants (but do not use coal ash).

Tips for stove maintenance

  • On multifuel stoves check the condition of the grate for cracks or defects.
  • Check the riddling system to ensure it is working smoothly.
  • Check the firebricks, they should be sound and in one piece.
  • Inspect the glass replace if there are any cracks.
  • Inspect all the rope seals replace any that are flattened or frayed.
  • During the summer months leave the air vents open to allow air to circulate through your stove thereby preventing any condensation problems.

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