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Chimney Cowls, Pots and Bird Guards

A chimney cowl

There are many different types of chimney pots and terminals. They all do a different job and vary according to which fuel is being burnt or if the chimney is disused and being capped off.

The correct choice of terminal is essential for safety reasons.

Anti-down draught cowls.

If your fireplace smokes or puffs intermittingly it may be a down draught that is causing the problem. Don't suffer a smoky house get an anti-down draught cowl fitted. Click here to read our section on Problem Solving

"We have a no smoking rule in our house and now, thanks to Arrow Chimneys, even the fire place complies!"
Mrs Waters, Bishop Stortford

Disused chimneys

Disused or redundant chimneys which have been left uncapped have the potential to be a problem to the house owner for a number of reasons. The main reason, which should be a concern to anyone, is the loss of heat via the flue to open air. You are literally heating the air outside, wasting money and warming the planet!

The second reason is that birds love a disused flue to nest in. The resulting nest will grow year on year, the nest causes damp within the flue. In some cases the nests are so large and compacted it is a major job to remove them and restore the flue to working order.

To stop this happening we fit ventilator caps to disused flues these allow the flue to 'breathe' whilst keeping the heat in and the birds out

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Bird Guards

A chimney bird guard

Birds build nests in trees. However, due to widespread deforestation, amongst other factors, birds have had to find alternative places to nest. A chimney makes a great nesting place for birds but can cause annoyance and even danger for the homeowner.

Birds nests, as well as the birds themselves, can cause many problems in a chimney.

  • The nest blocks the chimney flue, and prevents smoke, and dangerous gases (e.g. carbon dioxide) from escaping.
  • Nests soak up water, and can cause damp patches to form on chimneys as a result.
  • The birds who inhabit the nest may get trapped, and die. This can lead to bad smells, and of course, the dead bird has to be removed from the chimney, which could be an awkward operation.
  • Birds roost near their nests, meaning that they'll perch on your chimney pot. They'll leave their droppings on your chimney pot.
  • The birds may also fall down your chimney, bringing soot with them. This leaves a mess to clean up, and they can be difficult to get out of the house.

All of these problems can be prevented with a simple chimney bird guard. The correct choice of terminal is essential for safety reasons.

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"Pigeons were driving us mad blocking up our chimney. Arrow installed a bird guard for us and now there's no more problem."
Mrs Jently, Luton

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