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Chimney Sweeping

Row of chimneys

Chimney sweeping today is a clean, quick and trouble free procedure. The era of covering all the furniture with cloths and days of cleaning afterwards are long gone, although the basic method of sweeping remains the same.

Modern polypropelene rods with the correct sized brush for your flue are used. The chimney is swept from the bottom to the top and all the soot is collected in the fireplace behind a soot cloth and removed from your home. A high powered vacuum is used to remove soot as it falls so your house stays clean and tidy.

All work is certified and advice is offered on fire safety and carbon monoxide. (We always recommend having a working smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector within your house)

"Thanks for the nice, clean chimney and the free advice."
Mr Hedley, Stevenage

Suggested frequency of sweeping:

Smokeless Fuels:

At least once a year.

Bituminous Coal:

Twice a year.


Quarterly when in use.


Once a year.


Once a year.

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