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Chimney Pot Repair

The general condition of chimneys should be surveyed regularly every 6 months from the ground and up close every year if the chimney is accessible from roof level. Inspections should look for damaged pointing, cracked pots, leaning stacks, cracks, vegetation, decayed stone, damp and leaks.

Cracked or leaning chimneystacks may not be dangerous. A structural engineer can find out if a leaning chimney is dangerous and what steps need to be undertaken, ranging from repointing and replacing decayed stone to the partial or full rebuilding and lining of the chimney.

Loose, cracked or crumbling mortar should be repointed, we use sulphate-resisting cement in the mortar mix if possible. An appropriately pointed chimney will be more structurally stable and the stonework will stay dry.

Decayed, cracked or damaged stone 'bricks' in the stack should be carefully removed and replaced with new or reclaimed stone 'bricks' with traditional mortar. If the wall of a stack is particularly slender or decayed we remove no more than one 'brick' at a time and allow the mortar to properly set before removing the next.

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Why use clay?

Clay is a natural product, and as such it can return to the environment without harm. It is unaffected by most chemicals, it is inert and lasts for hundreds of years. For example, 2600 year old clay pipes were found in Ephesus, Greece (Now Turkey).

Clay pipes have been used for drainage for thousands of years but clay is also beneficial for chimney pots and flue liners. Clay is extremely resilient, resistant to rust, corrosion and is fireproof. Unlike metal, clay chimney pots and liners do not conduct electricity, so if lightening strikes, it is unlikely to facilitate damage to buildings.

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